A mobster flees into the mountains with a girl who pretends to be his daughter. They end up in a weather station with a couple who feel the loneliness of the years of isolation weigh on them. The recent restoration of this stormy classic by Pan Lei (1927-2017) has a strong focus on gender roles and breaks free from the restraints of state propaganda, genres and moral conventions.

Typhoon was like a meteorite in the midst of a Mandarin-speaking industry mired in propaganda and a resolutely commercial Taiwanese cinema. The film is a raging storm that shakes genres, breaks the conventions of the time and offers the actors their best roles. Pan Lei had already distinguished himself with his original scripts and previous films, which always went outside the official discourse. Here he can indulge his sensuality, as well as his passion for outdoor shots and for characters with an evil nature.” – Wafa Ghermani, Cinemathèque française

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