A Bright Summer Diary & Breathless Animals

A Bright Summer Diary

A postcard from his childhood triggers the Chinese artist Lei Lei to delve into his family’s past. With film fragments, found photos and propaganda images, he turns cinema into a memory machine. While A Bright Summer Diary jumps in and out of the past, Lei Lei reflects on the nostalgic coloring of what (n)once was.

“The soundtrack, minor family narratives and crackling warm pathos loops—more Basinski than Lopatin—fills out the flat space of Lei’s images with a heavier awareness of time passing, if not nostalgia. Taken together, it’s an ambient cinema, a surprisingly deep mood.” – Phil Coldiron, Cinema Scope

Breathless Animals

As Breathless Animals re-enacts China’s modernization before our eyes, a woman reminisces about her 1970s childhood. One day the first breathless animal appears to her, a white horse…

“This is not just some static piece of conceptual art to gawk at with faux wonder: every photo, every second of slowed down footage, every piece of cut-out animation has a story to tell within the grander narrative.” – James Cansdale-Cook, Asian Movie Pulse